April 29, 2016

Our Services

At CED Dallas, we combine our industry knowledge and inventory to offer you a comprehensive solution for all of your electrical needs. Our goal is to help you run your business as efficiently as possible, while lowering costs and improving your bottom line. At CED we take pride in our team and the services we offer.

Our inventory is your inventory.

We stock what you need.

Our team is your Team.

We do what we say we’re going to do.

Our Service is your Advantage.


CED Dallas Fleet

$4 Million plus in Inventory
8 Inside Salespeople
Requests Returned in 1 hour
15 plus Warehouse/Delivery Personnel
7 Delivery Trucks
2nd and 3rd Run Routes
Lift-gates on Delivery Trucks

Comp Reels

THHN Copper Stocked in All Colors
XHHW Aluminum
A-Frame Compartment Reels
Pulling Heads & Clevis
Mismatched Conduit Bundling
20′ PVC and Strut in Stock

Conduit Bundling

Chief Gear Estimator
Chief Lighting Estimator
Dedicated Project Management Team
Quotations Coordinator
3 Project Managers
Full Stocking LED Products

CED Dallas Projects